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Chest Freezer - LT Series

Product ID: RS-CF250LT,RS-CF330LT,RS-CF430LT,RS-CF600LT

Installed with upgraded LBP compressor, this series blends outstanding performance and ease of use to quickly chill products to the required temperature.



♦Lock and key
♦Inner liner of hammered aluminum
♦Knob controller with temperature display 
♦Static cooling system
♦Internal water drainer 
♦Upgraded compressor capacity
♦CFC free refrigerant 

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Model Volume(L) Temperature Dimension
(WxDxH) m/m
Horse Power(HP) CFC Free Refrigerant Power Supply
RS-CF250LT 207 -40 ~ -45℃ 750x650x920  5/8 R404A 220V 50/60Hz
RS-CF330LT 301 -40 ~ -45℃ 1000x650x920  3/4 R404A 220V 50/60Hz
RS-CF430LT 414 -40 ~ -45℃ 1300x650x920  3/4 R404A 220V 50/60Hz
RS-CF600LT 602 -40 ~ -45℃ 1800x650x920  3/4 R404A 220V 50/60Hz

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